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With over 20 years of combined experience, we can create everything from a network plan for your office to a new logo for business. We specialize in both creating engaging content and collateral with viral potential that will increase your brand’s online presence and creating understandable analytical reports that show how your audience reacts to the content that you are posting and sharing.

Bend Marketing Group Founder John MacAulay

John MacAulay

John has been working with social media to promote businesses since the days when MySpace was the dominant platform. He created and managed the social media networks for Clear 1017, 1110 KBND, & Classic Rock 98.3 The Twins from 2008 to 2010. John served as the Events and Clubs coordinator Central Oregon Community College (COCC) Student Government. He was served as the Editor-in-Chief for the Broadside, COCC's student newspaper, as well as the The Voice, COCC's student magazine. He is originally from Dayton, Ohio, but has been living in Bend since 2003, and graduated from COCC in 2012.

Bend Marketing Group Founder Rob Walker

Rob Walker

Rob is a web developer, growth hacker, video, audio & graphic editor, and an IT infrastructure consultant. He has worked in many different fields with one constant, technology. He is a proud veteran and served as a communications expert in the US Army for about 7 years, with tours in Iraq and Bosnia and as the Chief Engineer of KOHD (local ABC affiliate television station) in Bend, Oregon, and has worked on many technical projects in between. This has granted him the opportunity to learn a wide range of skill sets. He lives in Bend with his wife, Carol and his son, Jack and enjoys hiking, cooking, basketball and video games.

Our Skills

If you run a business, non-profit or any other organization, the public expects you to have a robust web presence. However, most people would rather run their business or tend to the needs of their organization than spend their time crafting a professional online presence. That is where the we come in. From website creation and hosting to social media management, Bend Marketing Group is your one stop marketing shop for acquiring a competive advantage in the digital world.

Information Technology

Computer Support

If you have a Windows, Mac, or even Linux computer and you need help, contact us. We can help you find that file or fix your printer problem.

Network Repair

Do you and your employees share files, if not you should it's an easy way to take your business all digital and become more efficient. From adding new hardware to existing network to creating one from scratch, we can get you connected in no time.

Business Infrastructure

We love IT, and nothing is more exciting to us than a business accomplishing their goals more effectively and a cheaper cost than what they have been paying. We can show you the options that are out there and let you choose where you'd like to go. Cloud computing from your mobile phone is not hard to accomplish.

Media Creation

Digital Images

Imaging is a core element of any on-line presence. Rely on BMG to create professional images for your organization.


With over 20 years of video production experience, BMG can offer professional quality videography, or can take existing video and produce quality content.


From radio commercials to entire podcasts, Bend Marketing group offers cost-effective professional audio production services.

Web Design

Responsive / Mobile Friendly Framework

The majority of website traffic is from a smart phone, with that in mind your site should look just as appealing in their hand as it does on their computer monitor. Being mobile ready also helps in getting found as Google ranks mobility in their search engine.

Appealing & Functional Design

Once you have driven traffic to your site they need to be impressed enough to stick around. Visitors should be able to engage with your site to connect with your business or product.

Search Engine Optimization

Being on the web is great, but only if you get found. Describing your website accurately, adding additional information in images and links, and focusing keywords towards the demographic that you're trying to reach will make your SEO successful.

Clients Say

We keep our clients happy and excited about the work we do for them. That's why the majority of our work comes from word of mouth. We'd like the opportunity to make you a spokesperson of our company too.

"During the last year, Rob Walker has retooled our web site and posted our latest news on social media. He is a great organizer and innovator. As a veteran of the Iraq War he testified to the Oregon legislature on honoring war veterans with prominent highway signs. His outstanding graphics used during the testimony led to success. Rob always has a quick solution for problem solving." Dick Tobiason Chairman, Bend Heroes Foundation
"You would be amazed at how useful social media can be. John MacAulay IV has done a lot of great work for the Jason Conger for State Representative and Jason Conger for US Senate over the years. He is great at implementing ideas that you have or creating ideas that you wish you had. He is easy to work with and affordable." Amy CongerJason Conger for Senate

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